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An Unstoppable Season Of Giving Back At Phoenix


An Unstoppable Season Of Giving Back At Phoenix

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There are many ways of celebrating the holiday season. Children sing carols. Families plan holiday travels. Friends reunite over dinners. And companies make merry with year-end parties.

As for homegrown Filipino oil company Phoenix Petroleum, however, the company made a more meaningful way to celebrate Christmas with an Unstoppable Season of Giving Back by focusing on corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives to spread more cheer to more people.

Instead of the usual corporate Christmas party with all the pomp and circumstance, the company opted for a humbler approach through a virtual celebration featuring a competition of giving back activities held weeks prior. Video documentation of each group’s initiative was shown during the program, detailing how they worked together to help others.

“The annual company party showcased the spirit of giving and sharing across the organization, with employees from different business units joining the unique contest by helping their chosen beneficiaries. It provided a platform for all employees nationwide to contribute their time and efforts in creating a positive impact on different communities while promoting the company’s values,” said Phoenix president Henry Fadullon. “This is probably the most unique and selfless Christmas party that I’ve ever been a part of.”

Five brands under the Phoenix family were represented by the groups, which were composed of employees nationwide. These included Phoenix Fuels, Phoenix SUPER LPG, Phoenix Asphalt, FamilyMart, and LIMITLESS. Each team was tasked to implement a CSR project, preferably something that also highlights the value of the brand they were assigned with, and document that whole experience on video.

The contest was judged by personalities from private and non-government organizations with extensive backgrounds in CSR-related programs. These include Developing the Youth with Environmentally Sustainable Advocacies to Build and Empower Lives (DYESABEL) Inc. Co-founder Amiel Lopez, AIESEC PH Country Director Fatima Malate, and PNX UDENNA Insurance Brokers President Ernie Ortonio.

The judges’ criteria revolved around audio and visual quality, members’ involvement, storytelling, originality, and the two biggest factors, brand relevance and social impact on their beneficiaries.

The Asphalt Team won the Group category, with its beneficiary. They used the brand’s very own Cold Patch Asphalt Mix to improve the organization’s pavement structure, so PWDs, especially those in wheelchairs, will have smooth transport from one place to another within the area. They also aided the organization’s ongoing and upcoming programs with additional financial assistance.

Followed by the winner was the LPG Team that captured the first runner-up spot with its chosen beneficiary, St. Rita Orphanage, Inc. They organized and hosted a simple, yet homelike Christmas party for kids with their home-cooked dishes that were using Phoenix SUPER LPG tanks.

Next on the ranking was the Fuels Team as the second runner-up. They showed appreciation to the Delivery Riders Community by surprising riders who came to any Phoenix PULSE station nationwide with Christmas baskets.

The LIMITLESS Team won third runner-up for assisting the efforts of the Youth Organization’s youth leadership training and environmental camp. They contributed with LIMITLESS gifting, cooking meals for the event using SUPER LPG tanks, and joining the Coastal Cleanup drive.

Last but not least, the FamilyMart Team was announced as the fourth runner-up after supporting three different beneficiaries by organizing feasts, fun activities, and gift-giving to celebrate the season of togetherness. These were the Philippine Cerebral Palsy Inc., Missionaries of The Poor (for Visayas-based employees), and House of Hope Foundation (for Mindanao-based employees).

Other winners were also recognized for the Individual Category, which showcased the personal CSR initiatives of different employees. Recipients of the Loyalty, Da Best Ka, and Influencer Program awards were also recognized during the program.

Despite challenges, Phoenix continues to be an indispensable partner to Filipinos and remains committed to creating value for its stakeholders. It has redefined its Christmas celebration with an unstoppable season of giving back, with the full support of the company and its employees and proving that anytime can be a perfect opportunity to do acts of service to different communities.

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