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Antique Introduces ‘Kalag-Kalag’ As Tourist Attraction For Undas


Antique Introduces ‘Kalag-Kalag’ As Tourist Attraction For Undas

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The Antique Provincial Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office (APTCAO), adorned with different mythological characters, is the newest attraction for Antiqueños on All Saints’ Day (“Undas”).

APTCAO launched the “Kalag-Kalag 2023” featuring mythological creatures on Oct. 24 until Nov. 4 to create a scarier ambiance at night time.

Among those they mounted were witches, “tikbalang” (a creature with the head of a horse and body of a man), and “sigbin,” which resembles a kangaroo or a deer traditionally believed by the people in Antique to lurk among the trees and nature.

Niki de los Reyes Torres, the APTCAO special projects coordinator, said that aside from the mythological characters, there is also a replica of the facade of the century-old cemetery of Tobias Fornier town with an odd inscription, “Kami Karon, Kamo Dason” in the local dialect Kinaray-a. It can mean their time has come, and you will be the next.

“The graveyard has become famous because of the inscription that could be rarely found in other cemeteries,” he said in an interview on Wednesday.

Antique Provincial Tourism and Cultural Affairs Officer (APTCAO) Juan Carlos Perlas said they will also hold the costume parade and contest and a “Trick or Treat at the New Capitol Grounds on Oct. 27.

The costume parade and contest are open to two to 12-year-olds for the kids category and 13-year-olds and above for adults.

“The costume parade and costume contest is a way for the governor to bring joy and excitement to the kids, as well as adults,” he said.

He said Governor Rhodora Cadiao suggested that prizes be given to best fantasy costumes because, in the past year, they only gave cash prizes to winners of best in horror get-up. (PNA)

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