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Here’s Your Summer Skin Care Product Guide For A Safe And Fun Sunny Season


Here’s Your Summer Skin Care Product Guide For A Safe And Fun Sunny Season

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Planning a summer escapade means plotting trip itineraries and sporting cute OOTDs. However, this also means more exposure to the sun and the country’s extremely hot weather. Not-so-fun fact: these can damage your skin and hair. Oh no, the horror!

This is why, more than ever, it’s twice as important to look after our skin during the sunny season. If you haven’t found the perfect summer buddies to bring with you for your adventures, fear not! Lucky for you, we’ve listed down genuinely natural products from Human Nature that you can rely on to give your skin & hair the best care. After all, skin & hair that’s naturally nurtured give off the best summer glow!

Summer-ready Skin for Sun-ventures! We may be wondering: how does the country’s dry and hot (“summer”) season affect our skin?

Summer means hotter weather, and more heat can cause breakouts and clogged pores because humid weather means more sweat, dirt, and oil accumulation on our skin. Too much exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays can also give us sunburns, skin redness, and even early signs of skin aging. Yikes!

You’re probably wondering: how can I make my summer adventures extra fun and skin-friendly at the same time?

Even during the hot weather, naturally glowing, nourished hair & skin’s always in

There’s no better way to color summer your way than by preparing your skincare pals as you pack for your summer adventure!

Here are some of local brand Human Nature’s pro-skin, pro-pocket, and pro-planet skincare pro tips to take every summer adventure to the next level:

1. Safe sea-scapades

Thinking of visiting the beach with your besties this summer? Or maybe simply chill by the poolside? It’s best to always shield your skin with sunscreen for sun protection, and Human Nature’s 100% Natural SafeProtect Sunscreen is the buddy for that! Its broad-spectrum PA+++ rating helps protect your skin from 97% of skin-burning UVB rays and blocks harmful UVA rays. Plus, it’s free from oxybenzone and octinoxate that bleach corals. Sunscreens with these harmful chemicals are banned in Hawaii, Palau and Thailand.

It’s also perfect for families as it comes in two variants: SafeProtect SPF30 Sunscreen for adults and SafeProtect SPF30 Sunscreen for babies & kids (both start at Php 299.75). No need to hide from the sun, just enjoy the summer fun!

2. Bug-free nature adventures

Planning the perfect picnic party with your family or hiking trip with your adventure buddies? Don’t forget your natural skin-shielding potion! Choose an outdoor bestie with protective and moisturizing properties like Human Nature’s 100% natural, hypoallergenic, DEET-free Skin Shield Lotion or Skin Shield Oil (both start at P104.75). Infused with citronella, soybean, and eucalyptus oils, both lotion and oil effectively keep bugs and bug bites away!

And what’s a foray into nature without scratches, scrapes, and bug bites. It’s part of loving the outdoors! Help relieve and soothe your skin with Human Nature’s Rescue Balm (starts at P99.75)!

3. Sporty sun-scapades

If your summer means working out, biking, or playing other sports, it’s extra challenging to cool down under the scorching summer heat. With heat stress, our muscles also become prone to cramps.

This is why Human Nature’s Cooling Leg & Body Cream (P395) is easily a handy dandy cooldown companion for sweaty summer escapades! You can also get head to toe, skin to senses refreshment in the shower for your tired body with our Cooling Body Cleanser (starts at P199.75) that’s 100% free from skin-damaging chemicals. Who says summer can’t be cool, anyway?

4. Healthy Strands, Happier Summer

Care for your hair and scalp as you embark on a long-haul drive or flight! Keep your hair healthy, well-moisturized, and frizz-free by packing travel-friendly hair care with you.

Save luggage space AND money the next time you travel with Human Nature’s Strengthening Shampoo Bar (starts at P159.75)! No plastic, no leaks, no spills – what more can you ask for?

One key to having smooth and healthy strands is giving your locks extra nourishment. Human Nature’s Hair Serum (P229.75) goes the extra mile to fight frizz and tangles, leaving your hair shinier and more manageable! This goes a long way in protecting your strands from sun, sea and sand. Just give your tresses a healthy dose before heading into the water!

And finally, be ready to shift from traveling to trawling tambays by spritzing on instant freshness and give your locks some hydration boost with our Natural Conditioning Hair Mist (P249.75)!

5. Spa-rty and chill

Reuniting with your kumares for an indoor spa-rty, game night, or staycation? Elevate your experience together by preparing spa-essentials that are not only soothing but also naturally nourishing!

Recreate your own little home spa and scrub stress away with Human Nature’s harmful-chemical-free detoxifying Volcanic Cooling Body Scrub (P499). You can also take this a step further by indulging in the cooling caress of our Rejuvenating Massage Oil (starts at P229)!

Put the “U” in S_mmer: make this season yours!

Planning your summer doesn’t always have to be daunting. You can make the most of this season by simply creating experiences that are fulfilling for you and pursuing them together with those that add value to your and others’ lives.

With plenty of warm sunshine to bask in and the promise of new adventures, all you need is a little bit of prep work for your skin to make this summer fun, safe, and one to remember!
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