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Ilongga Author’s Sacrifice Pays Off With 5-Time Best-Seller Book


Ilongga Author’s Sacrifice Pays Off With 5-Time Best-Seller Book

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Every writer has a dream. For Thea Guazon, from Bacolod City, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for her book “The Hurricane Wars,” hailed by the Sunday Times as a best-selling novel over five times.

Leaving her office job and getting deferred in her master’s degree abroad in 2020, Guazon never imagined that in a span of three years, her novel would become a five-time bestseller.

Barnes and Noble first included her book in the Top 100: Book Bestsellers, ranking fifth on January 26, despite the book not having the artistic cover seen today.

Guazon then announced her novel reached the 12th spot in the New York Times on Instagram on October 12, sharing a screenshot and an encouraging caption for all Filipino writers.

“What can I even say but the most heartfelt of thank you’s? This wouldn’t have happened without you all. And to the Filipinos and other Southeast Asian folks out there who are afraid or who have doubts, this is your sign: pick up a pen and start writing,” she wrote.

By October 19, Guazon’s novel was now recognized by three more renowned outlets, particularly USA Today, Indie List, and the Sunday Times.

Guazon’s amazing feat showed that turning your hobby and dream into reality takes sacrifices, and while it may be terrifying like a hurricane, a rainbow in life will soon appear.

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