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Negros Oriental Eyes To Build Bee Farm For Tourists And Residents


Negros Oriental Eyes To Build Bee Farm For Tourists And Residents

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The V-Hive at the Ruins in Valencia, Negros Oriental is designed to be a tourist and education destination as it ramps up the income of potential bee farmers and honey producers, an official said on Tuesday.

Desiderio Tilos Jr., Valencia tourism officer and concurrent public information officer, told the Philippine News Agency (PNA) that the V-Hive bee farm is an agri-eco tourism attraction that aims to educate the public on the importance and role of native honey-producing bees in the ecosystem.

“We have seen a rise in the demand for pure honey and this is an opportunity for the Valencia local government to provide opportunities for local farmers to boost their income through bee farming and related activities using indigenous materials,” Tilos said.

The town is promoting the use of bamboo, coconut shells, and clay pots as nests for the bees to make their hives, something that would be affordable to interested potential bee farmers.

Tilos said the bee farm was conceptualized to support the program that Valencia is “the fruit and vegetable basket of Negros Oriental”.

He cited the presence of bees as pollinators of a significant volume of farm produce.

Mayor Edgar Teves Jr. led the inauguration and launching of the V-Hive demonstration farm at the municipal agricultural office in Barangay Palinpinon on Tuesday and promised to support the endeavor, having seen its potential, Tilos said.

Rico Omoyon, beekeeping coordinator, has introduced to the LGU the use of different kinds of stingless bees in honey production.

He said it would take about a year before they start harvesting the edible product.

Lindon Escalante, the town agriculturist, said the bee project will not only address hunger and poverty issues but will also be in response to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal of biodiversity protection and conservation.

Tourists coming to visit the V-Hive at the Ruins will also enjoy beautiful and lush scenery as the bee farm is nestled deep in the mountains of Valencia.

Different kinds of stingless bees are housed at the demonstration farm, which is open to the public for free, Tilos said. (PNA)

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