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Yakikai menuYakikai – sounds Japanese, right? But it’s actually a fusion restaurant, mostly Korean, some Japanese. Yes, it is another unlimited meat grill restaurant but it’s definitely worth a visit.

Yakikai is located just off Tomas Morato. If your thinking that it looks like a home rather than a restaurant, that’s the feel you also get when you walk in. It felt like I had walked into a home prepared for a large buffet party, with a Korean/Japanese theme.

Among the things I loved about Yakikai:

  • It’s very bright. This is a family restaurant. I would be very comfortable bringing my entire family over to come and eat at Yakikai.
  • It’s very clean. Very important when you are eating out.
  • The owner, Sam, was very hands-on. She’s a wonderful host. She made sure that we had everything we needed and made sure we were comfortable.
  • The buffet – most grill restaurants don’t have a buffet. Yakikai had a fair selection and it tasted delicious to me.
  • I walked out without smelling like the food we cooked. The excellent ventilation is an absolute plus in my book.
  • Ebi tempura – no restaurant that says they have Japanese food is good in my books unless they have Ebi tempura. But that’s just me 🙂
  • The price is fair. You get the unlimited meat to grill + the buffet. That’s a lot!

Yakikai is currently open daily from 4 PM to 2 AM. Their address is 122 Scout Dr. Lazcano Street, Sacred Heart, Quezon City. You can call 02 82469069 ext:634

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