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All About Green Flags: This Guy From TikTok Shows What A Healthy Relationship Looks Like


All About Green Flags: This Guy From TikTok Shows What A Healthy Relationship Looks Like

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When it comes to relationships, people constantly give advice on what usually goes down on first dates or what red flags one should look out for.

However, just like in any typical relationship, red flags are not only ones that one should be focusing on, but also the green flags. There are also healthy and straightforward moments that one should experience in a romantic relationship.

This Filipino guy from TikTok named Joaquin, who goes by his username @imagogogo, creates content on simple daily moments of how a healthy relationship looks like.

His TikTok videos mainly focus on video calls or POV scenarios wherein he would show that despite someone’s busy schedule, one would still make time to spend time with each other. It is a healthy indication that romantic partners get to know more about their partners as they spend quality time.


petition to add pag-move ng meeting as a love language 🤧

♬ original sound – joaquin :—) – joaquin :—)


Paano niya nalamang bias ko ‘yung tapsilog 🤧

♬ original sound – joaquin :—) – joaquin :—)

Support plays a vital role in a relationship. Some of his videos would also include study calls wherein one would express support and care for his partner by sending food or giving out reminders that one should still rest. Indeed, these are sweet and gentle acts that any person would want to experience in a relationship.


private but not a secret 🤧🤧🤧

♬ original sound – joaquin :—) – joaquin :—)

While some people yearn to be in a relationship that is not hidden from the public’s eye, he also showed in one of his TikTok videos how it looks like to be in a healthy relationship wherein one gives reassurance that the intentions in the relationship are serious.

Joaquin’s videos have garnered warm and witty feedback from the TikTok community, expressing that it raises their standards in relationships. Such moments would be something that anyone yearns to experience.

In an email interview with him, he shared that he appreciates all the comments he’s getting from the videos. “I especially love it when I hear how I’m able to raise people’s standards for their future partners kasi we all deserve a healthy relationship and never settle for less,” he said.

He also shared that he finds it funny that some people tag their significant other in the comments, wherein they would fight and reconcile later on.

When asked what he could say to everyone watching his videos, he expressed his wishes for everyone to focus on improving themselves so that one can be fully ready when a healthy relationship inevitably comes along.

Relationships are meant to be cherished and to help each other grow, so this is why seeking and keeping green flags in mind is an essential part of everyone’s lives.

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