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Fashion Mishaps You Might Keep Doing That Makes You Look Older Than You Actually Are


Fashion Mishaps You Might Keep Doing That Makes You Look Older Than You Actually Are

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Oftentimes in our lives, we wonder and come to ask ourselves, “When did I become so plain and old?” and “Why is my outfit not making me feel good?” If you are one of those who had these kinds of thoughts when you look in the mirror, you should know that age isn’t always to blame for the frumpiness of your overall styling—it could be the fashion flubs you keep making until today.

Having said that, one should know that the right fashion statement is basically magic. Dresses and stuff help cover up lumps and bulges and the right outfit can actually have a few years off our age with an accurate staple. Of course, one can be a perfect fit for others while not for someone and the other way around nevertheless, the greatest you can do is to know how to properly execute a fashion statement and to no longer commit a ‘fashion doesn’t’.

It’s basically hard to always know what’s in and out but here’s a list which will help you realize the common fashion mistakes you might still be making that make you look more than your age.


Overly matchy-matchy

A few years ago, we went perfectly well with styling our clothes, shoes, and handbags to bring out the beauty of styling. While the styling of matching almost everything seems to still look dated because of the evolving trends in the fashion scene, an overly matching fashion staple could actually make you look older than your usual age.

Remember the statement “before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off”? you can always replace it with an alternative “before you leave the house, look in the mirror and change one thing off”. So, forget some of society’s opinions about fashion that you’ve been living for and never be afraid to mix prints, colors, and patterns to look entirely confident and fabulous. Being too matchy-matchy can look good in your opinion but you should also think that a little extra piece of color or pattern won’t hurt.


Wearing too many conservative trends

If you are more confident and want to keep having your signature conservative sense of style, you can keep doing it and not mind whatever others might think. But if you constantly feel like you’re looking older and shabbier than you actually are, you should think about whether it’s really your age talking or just the excessive conservative pieces you kept putting all at once that somehow give off a “matriarch” vibe.

Right, aging is a natural occurrence but looking older than your age because of fashion is a big no. Not totally shunning off your conservative fashion style, you can wear those pieces while perfectly pairing them with a little more playful and fresher items or some conservative yet contemporary versions to give a balance to your overall look.


Too much jewelry at once

Jewelry is known to be a vital part of fashion for long years. It saves people from looking so boring and makes someone portray elegance and sophistication. However, jewelry can be also tricky- wearing none is dull while wearing too much can make you look older than you are. And while trying to achieve the alluring look you wanted by adding this fashion staple, you should know that an amount of jewelry can actually dictate your overall look.

Not new to fashion, one should know that one of the biggest fashion mistakes is wearing too much jewelry or what others refer to as “jewelry overkill”. This is why whenever you’re in doubt if you’re wearing too much jewelry that hurts your outfit and makes you look old, you can always go to the basics- the rule of thumb of sticking to pairs- not going all out with the three jewelry combos at the same time.


Your heels are chunky or aren’t high enough

While a chunky or a mid-low heel feels comfortable for your feet to wear, this is the right time to leave this trend and consider going for a high heel or a not-so-chunky heeled shoe because this trend is making your legs look heavy and your muscles larger. In fashion, your ‘comfortable feet’ aren’t really a big thing when your shoes people might be staring at, is ugly or ruining your entire OOTD.

Because of the casual shoes you kept wearing, you’ll look older no matter what modern clothes you wear. Thus, if you’re wearing now your chunky and not-high-enough heels which keep dragging down your look and adding up your age, swap them now with pointy-toed pumps or anything high-heeled that will both bring out the element of sexiness and class on your overall styling.


Sporting outdated glasses

Choosing the right pair of glasses is one of the ultimate fashion-saviors in a scene full of outdated fashion staples. Why? Because updating lenses whether for an eye correction or simply to complete your outfit look creates an instant and dazzling fashion makeover- people who wear glasses know this fact firsthand.

So, take a closer look and observe how your glasses actually affect your style and make you look double your age. When you realize that your frames have become outdated and are destroying the fresh and cool fashion you’re wearing for a casual or professional workday, refresh your lenses and make them the ultimate accessory. Remember. The right pair of glasses is flattering, goes perfectly to almost anything, and will make you a little younger so don’t be hesitant to update your glasses and make your next look absolutely different than before.


Mismatched hairstyle or hair color

Certainly, one thing that either makes you look older or younger is the style you choose for your hair that affects every time you decide to go stunning with your perfectly curated fashion statement. If You Want to rock patterned clothing, your hair can be a major help. Planning to go slay the runway with killer pumps, hairstyle and color can increase or decline your look.

Hence, build up your courage and go get that hairstyle you’ve been wanting to sport for a change and the changing of hair color that’s long been due among your plans. Feel good and look good without your effortful fashion outfits getting destroyed with that fixed hairstyle and usual hair color- look for the best hairstyle and color that will look best on you.


Dark lipsticks to almost any outfit

Lipsticks are a necessity in our every glamming kit and our regular beauty routines. From the bold shades, we wear to achieve the standout classic look, to the earthy tones for a chic look that goes well with our everyday styling- from lightweight lipsticks to its long-lasting formulation that blends well with our lips and makes us look young and fresh.

We consider anything lip-related, and we all just love a statement lip more than anything else. However, the wrong shade of lipstick can ruin the entirety of your fashion beauty if it fails to compliment your outfit. Dark lipstick to almost any outfit? You better think twice with this one. Dark lipstick can make you stand out on some occasions but it doesn’t go well with every outfit. As mentioned, you only need three lipstick hues— a nude, brown/pinkish, and while dark lipstick isn’t a necessity, you can still choose to wear it but make it not often as it gives an older vibe to your styling.


Poor posture

Much of wearing anything to make you look good, having bad posture can actually make your effort of styling go in vain. Your fashion clothes stand with you when you stand confident and straight and sit on you perfectly when your back is straight while your shoulders are not slouching.

Having a proper posture is more than just making your body look poised and healthy, it also helps you to avoid leaving an impression of being “old and gray”. As poor posture affects how your outfit looks once you wear them, it also unattractively appears that your clothes neither are right nor actually fit you.

Everyone would agree but fashion plays a huge role in defining our personality and making the best out of ourselves we thought were plain and dull. We are constantly reminded by the world that our style is based on what we wanted whether in front or behind any fashion staple. Thus, to refine our individual styles, we must take a closer look and observe how we can put our styling forward.

A slight mistake can turn your ‘fashionable’ statement into an ‘unfashionable’ in a fraction of time. Hence, take time to look for yourself what the common styles and fashion mistakes are that you often make that put your supposedly stunning look at stake.

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