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Include These 3 Underrated Aklan Beaches On Your Next Summer Vacation


Include These 3 Underrated Aklan Beaches On Your Next Summer Vacation

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It’s summertime and we’re sure you’re excited to cross a beach getaway off your bucket list this year. And of course, who wouldn’t consider visiting Boracay when it comes to vacation trips? But, did you know there are more other beaches in Aklan to explore aside from Boracay?

Prepare a list of options because we’ve compiled a rundown of Aklan’s Underrated Beaches for you to check out!

1. Hinugtan Beach

If you crave a more private and calm beach resort, consider visiting Buruanga Aklan where Hinugtan Beach is situated. Dubbed as a replica of Boracay but a smaller version, you can enjoy your vacation in Hinugtan without spending much money and be one of the few tourists to enjoy crystal-clear water, a relaxing weekend getaway, and “life outside the city” ambiance.

Hinugtan Beach resort is a 45-minute boat ride from Boracay Aklan where you can enjoy the comforting and uncrowded beauty of Aklan’s “secret getaway,” an ideal place for snorkeling and diving. Hinugtan White Beach also offers a variety of enjoyable and exciting activities for guests who want to explore the underwater beauty and resources of the beach.

2. Jawili Beach

Another hidden gem in Aklan is the Jawili Beach in Tangalan, a locality notable for its fresh and affordable seafood such as “tahong” or mussels and “talaba” or oysters. Jawili Beach is comparable to the well-known Boracay Island in terms of scenery, but with the slower pace and calm of a local fishing community. The majority of the local residents still rely on the sea for a living, thus fishing boats could be seen lined up near the shore.

With just a short walk from Tangalan’s other well-known local attraction, the Jawili Falls, a famous spot for its seven beautifully and naturally endowed water basins anticipated by tourists for diving.

If you want a more private and peaceful getaway, this beach is a perfect choice for sea-related relaxation, picnics, events and celebrations, conferences, meetings, holiday trips, and vacations with your loved ones.

3. Bongbongon Beach

Located in the same municipality as Boracay Island, Bongbongon lies in the southern and relatively remote part of Malay Aklan and is one of the province’s undiscovered wonders. The beauty of Bongbongon can be accessed by land from Caticlan port within 30 minutes or by the sea using a motor “bangka” or boat.

When you visit this Malay hidden treasure, you will experience its crystal clear water and powdery white sand. This vacation spot is perfect for snorkeling and if you prefer a remote beachfront where you can relax, relieve stress, and enjoy your most awaited getaway from the city-stress, this is the ideal destination for you.

Similar to Jawili, the presence of local fisherman spearfishing in the vicinity contributes to the beach’s homely ambiance. Bongbongon was also well-known for having marine turtles on site for tourists.

Who doesn’t like coming to the beach during summer right? So don’t miss out on including these underrated Aklan gems on your bucket list and make sure to share these discoveries with your loved ones when planning your next vacation!

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