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PAGEONE’s Storify Wins 3 Gold Awards At The 2023 London Design Awards


PAGEONE’s Storify Wins 3 Gold Awards At The 2023 London Design Awards

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PAGEONE, an emerging PR agency headquartered in the Philippines, has achieved another international feat by securing three prestigious gold awards at the renowned 2023 London Design Awards. This momentous achievement marks the agency’s inaugural participation in the competition, highlighting its capabilities in technology and groundbreaking innovations in PR.

The cutting-edge platform, “STORIFY: The Game Changer in Social Media Management,” developed by PAGEONE, played a pivotal role in securing these accolades across multiple categories. This groundbreaking platform has revolutionized the agency’s ability to disseminate content seamlessly across various social media platforms simultaneously.

Traditionally, managing content across multiple social media pages or groups has been time-consuming and labor-intensive. With STORIFY, social media managers can now effortlessly establish rules and parameters, allowing the system to operate on autopilot, eliminating the need for manual posting of links individually on each social media page or group. The platform’s unique functionality enables content to be effortlessly published across diverse social media channels, creating the illusion of viral engagement. Moreover, STORIFY offers comprehensive reports, complete with links to the posted content, enabling the team to assess the effectiveness of this platform.

This impressive accomplishment marks the first time PAGEONE submitted an entry to the London Design Awards, solidifying the agency’s position as a rising force in the industry. The esteemed recognition garnered by “STORIFY: The Game Changer in Social Media Management” highlights PAGEONE’s unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and revolutionizing the field of public relations and social media management.

The awards were presented in the following categories:

  • Service Design – Information Technology (IT) category – GOLD
  • Communication Design – Apps / Software category – GOLD
  • Product Design – Future Technologies category – GOLD

Vonj Tingson, President of PAGEONE, expressed his elation over the agency’s remarkable achievement, stating, “Storify has more advanced functions than any available social media management platform in the market today. Winning not one but three gold awards at the London Design Awards serves to show that this tool is a powerful use in the PR industry. STORIFY has the innovative spirit that drives us forward, and this recognition fuels us to continue delivering groundbreaking solutions that shape the future of social media management.”

With these prestigious accolades, PAGEONE has firmly established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the global PR landscape. The agency’s relentless pursuit of innovation and commitment to client success have set the stage for a bright future, solidifying its position as an industry leader.

The London Design Awards embodies the essence of both past and future, seamlessly blending the language of design with the dynamic spirit of London. Celebrating existing trends and incorporating diverse insights, this prestigious program redefines perspectives and stands as a symbol of design excellence.

For more information about PAGEONE and its award-winning creation, “STORIFY: The Game Changer in Social Media Management,” visit

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