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The Art Of Sleeping While Earning Money On Live


The Art Of Sleeping While Earning Money On Live

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Who doesn’t like sleeping? We all deserve a decent rest after all of our hard work and perseverance in reaching our aspirations. But did you know that many influencers are taking advantage of this opportunity to make money while sleeping?

It’s funny to hear, but many content creators make a profit by sleeping throughout live streaming. Sleeping has certainly become a form of art that may literally get you into the life you deserve by getting rich while on it.

Following various videos of creators trending, because they intentionally slept while being under surveillance, this also became a global craze with a lot of people doing the same thing for fun.

People actually support this kind of content since it is effortlessly entertaining, and some are also very generous, because aside from sharing and commenting, they send monetary gifts while watching live streams, which if totaled, might earn you a fortune.

This influencer below is a living example of this, earning NT$2,000 (PHP3,621.95) in just one night on Twitch, an interactive live streaming site for content ranging from gaming to entertainment, sports, music, and more. But what’s hilarious is that she fell asleep while live broadcasting and had no idea she’d earn money from it.

We actually have a representative in the Philippines who is making much more money on top of live streaming his sleep. The 19-year-old Euan Garcera, earns more than 15,000 from his literal “dream” job just by sleeping. This money was from Facebook viewers who had sent him stars while he was livestreaming his sleep on Facebook. Facebook stars are quite an incredible deal because one Facebook star is equivalent to one dollar or around PHP 52.

Following the gamer’s popular videos of sleeping on live, doing this became a regular hobby, and his series of sleeping videos were actually featured on various media channels.

When asked what we want to do in our spare time, sleeping is the perfect answer. Sleep is wealth, so is money. So, if you’re interested in live streaming your sleep in the hopes of making money, go ahead and do it. Enjoy fulfilling your literal dream job just by sleeping.

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